Howard Butler

Bespoke Furniture

Howard Butler

Golf Media Unit


Commission, Media Unit

This media unit is for a golf simulator. Definitely a talking piece in the Batchelor’s pad. The shapes represent the landscape of soft rolling dunes, giving an organic flowing feel to the unit, allowing it to be non-intrusive in situ.


The light zebrano contrasts against the walnut strips to emulate the natural reeding which surrounds the water features on a golf course. 

Shape and Form

With Golf being the theme I made Walnut strips to create the reeds found around ponds,  I shaped the top of these to match the back tears- these are the bunkers!



The unit it made using Zebrano, the grain also lends itself to being long wild grass amongst the open.

Selecting the right material for a Howard Butler piece is an essential part of developing it’s character. Knowing not only how it will look aesthetically today but how it will age and strengthen over time. Each HB creation also comes with a guide on how to keep it fresh and last a lifetime.


Zebrano / Walnut

“The top is leather finished for drinks, and the push to open drawer is for the golf balls.”

“Perfection is all in the execution”