You have a piece in mind, whether its some initial seeds of inspiration or a fully defined spec. The following outlines the process in a step by step way. It could not be easier to kick off your dream item, just get in contact and we can start a conversation.

Start to Finish

01 Share your vision

Make initial contact via email with any information of what you want to achieve. Inspiration images are a great starting point if you have a certain style you wish to build upon.

02 Set budget and timeline

A provisional estimate of the cost and time required for the job will be provided to see if you wish to continue with the commissioning process.

03 Design & Itterate

We discuss materials and styles within budget to begin the detailed sketching process. After any required rounds of amends, we will agree on the final design.

04 Implementation

Materials will be sourced and dates confirmed for the installation of your custom Howard Butler piece.

Your Vision - Realised

We will collate all your ideas and dreams for this piece at our initial meeting. I can bring examples, styles, materials, and finishes to the table as I sketch any initial thoughts of how best this piece can fit around your lifestyle. If I can see the space in which the piece will reside then I can incorporate elements of the space into the design, giving a more cohesive feel to the room.


Time and Value


As development continues I will capture the process so you can enjoy seeing your one of a kind item come to life. After sketches are signed off the wood is priced and sourced, ready to be crafted into a piece you could treasure for a lifetime.


The Special 'Source'

After a price confirmation on your piece, the raw materials will be sourced. All HB furniture is produced from the highest quality timbers and checked over for any imperfections. Making sure you get the right look for your piece.

All going to plan

This is where your HB piece truly comes alive. The finest hand cut joints paired with modern design fully realised in a piece you can treasure forever. Build to last with the finest tolerances you can rest assured in your investment.

"Perfection is all in the execution"